Just Thankful

I'll be making my next move to Chicago next week. It hasn't hit me yet but I will when late next week comes. God has blessed my family this time, and He continues to bless my family everyday. I am thankful! I know I have not been able to update my blog because life just... Continue Reading →

Panyu, Guangzhou

Prior to my arrival, I was unaware of the environment I was settling into. No prior research in bing, baidu, or google was done. I was challenged by the idea of starting over at a country where I knew nobody.  I ventured off to this country searching for what seemed to be anomalous. This city... Continue Reading →


These are some photos I thought I would share. Unfortunately, they are not high resolution photos as they would fill up my storage very quickly. These were taken around March-April. A little did you know: I had just cut my hair about 5 inches off. The weather and the humidity were destroying my curls and... Continue Reading →

2017 New Years in Hong Kong

Rewinding back to spending New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Hong Kong (My first of many trips to Hong Kong)! It would not have been possible if it wasn't for Tiffanie! Travelling all the way from Chongqing, China Tiff finally made it to Guangzhou. Since I live a bit far from the airport, I picked her up... Continue Reading →

Macau Part 2

Since I have put off my Macau Part II for about a month now, I think it is appropriate I commence this part of my narration. Two of my lovely friends from Canada came to visit me. Surely enough, they are the first two to ever visit me since my relocation. Of course, after crossing... Continue Reading →


Since I have turned 25, I have personally thought about modifying my bucket list. I will inscribe my list here (These will range from traveling, to sports, to family, and to life in general). I will somehow work my way through the list (one way or the other). Let's face it, we all have our unique... Continue Reading →

“Are you going alone?”

There are many instances where this question is brought up every single time a dialogue is about to come to an end. My time overseas is winding down and I cannot help but inscribe about this particular question, “Are you going alone?”. In today’s society, we are programmed to think that we are supposed to... Continue Reading →

Contrasting Guangzhou and Toronto

Well, I am officially here in Guangzhou, China. I have not actually had time to do touristy things because of the hectic schedule work has given me. I am currently still getting used to the HOT weather and the humidity. Compared to Bahrain, Guangzhou beats that little island. There are people everywhere in this city,... Continue Reading →

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