New York Trip

I recently just came back from New York trip this weekend. I was only there for a couple of days (July 7th-10th to be exact). It was a crazy experience, everything was go-go-go!! Although it was the city where everyone was too busy to look up at the stars and appreciate nature, it was amazing to see that amount of culture and life New York offered… I was literally in awe

(Tour costing us $54- We were able to take the Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and the BMW bridges, tour bus taking us around Harlem, Bronx, Midtown, and Downtown. Through the tour we learned a little bit of more than just site seeing, we learned some history and how the culture came about…even fun facts as to which famous celebrity live in which area of New York)

When people say New York has a lot of Street meat, they weren’t kidding. I am always down to try new things, so I ended up getting this Thai street meat called the Drunken Noodles- best $7 I have ever spent (it came with a free Thai Iced tea)

I am still in the process of editing the video! I have uploaded some pictures in my New York Gallery in here so you guys can take a sneak peak. All in all it was one crazy experience, I had fun pretending to be a New Yorker this weekend keeping up with how fast people live their life here!!



Time Square


Peace and Love* until my next trip,
Aileen Vizcayno

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