Montreal Trip

I know it’s a bit past over due but I finally have time to write my trip to Montreal. It was the last weekend my girls were able to get together and party. Taisa is headed to Sochi for a month and Andrea is headed to Ireland/Iceland the week after.

So let’s start…

Let me tell you something, Montreal is nothing short of AMAZING. Everything is local, everything is different, the vibe is so different and you meet a lot of people. The pictures in my phone does not do enough justice…And of course I would forget to bring my GoPro! Out of all the trips I forget it to this one! (Bad timing)

We went to see where most Tourists would see in Montreal.. but that’s beside the fact that I was in awe at everything. This restaurant called L’avenue was REALLY good. Aside from checking out the coolest places, food is the cherry on the cake… for a lack of better words. We waited for almost an hour to get a seat at this place. Was it worth? HELL YEAH!

Clubs? Amazing! The party scene is crazy. In comparison to Toronto, last call is at 2am in Montreal is 3am, and since we were new in town we ended up partying at the AFTER PARTY.

Mini breweries were also popular in Montreal, I wasn’t sure what the brewery was called in Montreal but it did hit it up a bit before heading home. I have attached some photos of the weekend; my best friends and I in a new city just exploring and taking in on what life has to offer.

Peace and love


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