How did we budget for our Euro backpacking trip?

Most of you may ask how have Lyda and I managed to land ourselves into a decision that was fairly ludicrous just by the thought of it…perhaps you’re in luck.

I will list what we planned initially and what actually happened during our Euro trip. Considering that this was a uni student’s budget; I think we have managed to organize our finances maximizing sight-seeing and minimizing luxurious expenditure.

We initially planned a route to see several countries, these, not in precise order included: Ireland, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Budapest.

Eventually after much thought this was the Final Route of our  Euro Trip:

Ireland, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic

We did our research and believe me when I say we did our research. Lyda and I read countless articles and blogs from past backpackers and even watched youtube videos. Needless to say we were scared but excited at the same time.

How expensive are each country. How much $$ will a backpacker spend on average (Different cities vary in a country). Mind you, we also took account the conversion rate; at that time 1 Euro = 1.60 CAD. We were working University Students, so we had to be careful with how we spent our money prior to the our trip.

My mother had called her sister to arrange our stay in Ireland which was clear that this was going to be our first pit stop. Since I had family there, it worked out perfectly as flights to Dublin are known to be inexpensive. SOLID!

We allotted money for flights to each country (we bought flights tickets to all the countries we intend to visit well in advanced). We also pre-booked our hostel stay in each country. Towards the end we had a binder filled with


Some of you may choose to wing it, however, this was something we knew was going to work for us at a student budget rate. Everything…planned. 

At the beginning we watched the flight cost everyday and bought tickets as soon as they were low enough. This was what we had gathered after meticulously flight watching

Round trip from Toronto to Dublin Ireland: Approx. $900 CAD
Dublin, Ireland to Paris, France: $90 CAD
Paris, France to Naples, Italy: $30 CAD
Milan, Italy to Budapest Hungary: $50 CAD
Budapest, Hungary to Czech Republic: $40 CAD

Estimated: $1,110 CAD

This is actually what happened during our Euro stay, since we had a slight detour

Round trip from Toronto to Dublin Ireland: Approx. $900 CAD
Dublin, Ireland to Paris, France: $90 CAD
Paris, France to Naples, Italy: $30 CAD
Milan, Italy to Budapest Hungary: $50 CAD
Budapest, Hungary to Cluj, Romania: My Friends Octav and Matei picked us up (our hostel was closed when we got there)
Bucharest, Romania to Czech Republic: $100 CAD

Actual Cost including our Budapest to Czech Trip: $1210 CAD

3.) Hostel Cost: 
Ireland: No cost
Paris: $33 CAD/ night
Italy: $30 CAD/ night, our last night before Budapest flight from Milan we slept in the airport
Hungary: No cost
Romania: No cost
Czech Republic: No cost, we slept in the airport

All in all, it is possible to explore Europe with detailed planning… and on a student budget. We only spent about approximately $2,500 CAD backpacking (approximately 3 weeks)

4.) Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty
This is not the most luxurious trip, but have an open mind and you too will make the best out of every trip! You meet people from all over the world and you get to hear their experiences. It’s really amazing!

This won’t be the last time we are going to visit Europe. We will be back, I promise! I miss it.

*Peace and love, Ayy

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