Contrasting Guangzhou and Toronto

Well, I am officially here in Guangzhou, China. I have not actually had time to do touristy things because of the hectic schedule work has given me. I am currently still getting used to the HOT weather and the humidity. Compared to Bahrain, Guangzhou beats that little island. There are people everywhere in this city, it’s actually crazy! Here are a list of what I have observed the past few days:

Let’s talk about the metro station:
Equivalent to less than a dollar (~.75 cents) is the cost to use the metro station depending on the distance of where you are going. In Toronto you pay $2.75 per ride. Instead of having just two metro lines like the one in Toronto, they have one similar to Paris, France. HUGE!!

There is literally FOOD everywhere. There are local restaurants you have indulge some authentic restaurants (They about $2.25 per meal). In Canada a decent meal can get you anywhere from $10-$15 and that does not include tip. Tipping is not common in China (it’s more of a Western etiquette). Water bottles in Guangzhou cost about ~.50 cents while in Canada its about $1 a bottle even more if you purchase Fiji or even Aquafina.

THIS IS A NECESSITY HERE IN CHINA to cover yourself from the sun, meanwhile in Canada you use it for the rainy days. People don’t like to tan here in China, meanwhile in Canada people LOVE TO TAN (and that is just an understatement).

Since Guangzhou is a Tier 1 city you won’t see a lot of people riding their bike. There are a lot of cars here and the roads are always busy. One thing that is for sure, people cross the streets whenever they like and the cars are VERY aggressive. (Just be careful)

It is really hard to communicate here in China but knowing a little bit of Chinese will help. Basic things like Excuse me, numbers, how are you?, ETC just to name a few. (Me on the other hand, I have yet to learn how to speak the language I just know how to say thank you and sorry…it’s a start right?)

I haven’t actually had time to take pictures of Guangzhou, but in the future I will definitely post some up. I recently just got VPN to get access to Facebook and IG. In China, they have their own version of everything Western people use. WeChat is the most popular app here in China, Thankfully Whatsapp still works. There is no such thing as Youtube (because it is blocked), they have Youku.

You really get more of what you pay for here in China!

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