“Are you going alone?”

There are many instances where this question is brought up every single time a dialogue is about to come to an end. My time overseas is winding down and I cannot help but inscribe about this particular question, “Are you going alone?”. In today’s society, we are programmed to think that we are supposed to do things with other people, and not just by ourselves. For instance, it may be having coffee at a local café, dinner at a fancy restaurant, watching a movie, or even traveling alone. Many of us dare not venture to unfamiliar places unaccompanied.
Now, living in a different country you begin to have an alternate perspective. It takes a lot of courage to explore things that are unusual. The ability to adapt quickly to an environment that is entirely different gives that person an advantage. That type of advantage is the knowledge of one’s self. There are other aspects that contribute to knowledge of one’s self.
Self-love: the idea of knowing who you are as a person leaves no room for comparison towards other people. This is a continual battle that everyone, including myself needs attention. The sense of tranquility starts to make sense; you begin know yourself more, and you begin to discover new hobbies.
As I turn 25, there are many things on my bucket list I have yet to explore. However, my alone time has become my greatest escape. With or without a significant other, having some down time is not cruel. I am continually paving my way to becoming a better version of myself spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. One that note, I am pleased to respond to the question as, “Yes, I am going alone”.

Love yourself and take care of yourself first.

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