Since I have turned 25, I have personally thought about modifying my bucket list. I will inscribe my list here (These will range from traveling, to sports, to family, and to life in general). I will somehow work my way through the list (one way or the other). Let’s face it, we all have our unique bucket list goals, these just happens to be one of mine.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”- George Bernard Shaw

    1. Volunteer at least once this summer
    2. Have an all day movie Marathon
    3. Watch a free concert
    4. Visit Taiwan
    5. Run a Half Marathon
    6. Visit Boracay
    7. Go camping in 2017
    8. Find time to constantly update my blog
    9. Hike at least once a month
    10. Run 10km race this July
    11. Finish my Masters Degree
    12. Live in a different country
    13. Live in a different continent
    14. Apply for PhD (Getting accepted is a different story)
    15. Go whale Watching
    16. Visit a winery
    17. Have a backyard BBQ (Back home in Canada of course!)
    18. Mentor Someone
    19. Visit someplace new in Hong Kong and Macau before going back home
    20. Water balloon fight
    21. Have a picnic at an island (anywhere in the world)
    22. Go sky diving
    23. Take a road trip in 2017
    24. Try a new restaurant and a new coffee shop
    25. Make new friends, life long friends
    26. Run a Marathon
    27. Bike in downtown Guangzhou (Canton Tower mostly)
    28. Explore a different city by yourself
    29. Play volleyball in a beach this summer
    30. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow
    31. Go to a foot spa
    32. Swim in waterfalls
    33. Fall back in love
    34. Go for a nature walk
    35. Go up the CN tower
    36. Watch a good movie that will make you burst into tears (no shame)
    37. Read a novel in Tagalog
    38. Learn a New language (My Chinese is considerably beginner)
    39. Climb a mountain
    40. Fly in a hot-air balloon
    41. Make a difference in someone else’s life
    42. Try a dish I have never tried before
    43. Send a message in a bottle
    44. Take a picture wit ha tiger in Thailand
    45. Wrap a snake around my neck and take a photo
    46. Go to all 7 continents
    47. Drive in a professional race-car
    48. Throw a dart on a map and GO THERE
    49. Go on a bike ride for 8 hours
    50. Live in the United States

“Today is the youngest you will ever be”- unknown

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