Macau Part 2

Since I have put off my Macau Part II for about a month now, I think it is appropriate I commence this part of my narration. Two of my lovely friends from Canada came to visit me. Surely enough, they are the first two to ever visit me since my relocation.

Of course, after crossing the border, we rewarded ourselves by indulging in a healthy lunch in Wynn Casino. Might I add, almost all of the casinos here have impeccable décor (These are some of the Casinos we visited: MGM, Grand Lisboa, and Lisboa Casino).

Anyhow, this time I took them to see the Ruins of St. Paul 大三巴牌坊. This is considerable one of Macau’s best known landmarks. PSA you cannot go to Macau without trying Macau’s famous egg custard tarts (these were around 10 MOP for 1). In the end these are the places we explored in Macau, given the fact that we only had a day (again) to explore AND shop:

  • Macao Museum
  • Dominic’s Church
  • Largo do Senado (Senado Square)
  • Macau Tower
  • Tashi Square
  • MongHa Fort
  • Taipa Village Macau

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