Dash Cam Video Experiment

Giving you guys a visual of my typical drive to sunny Downtown Toronto during my rehearsal days! I will forever love this view of Toronto...and missing my old red car (my first student car). On the other note, this dash cam is only 30 fps (not the greatest quality) but I thought I'd make a... Continue Reading →

Toronto Life

Aside from checking out other countries and cities, what I like most about Toronto is its uniqueness and how it never fails to have something different. A new rooftop patio opened up recently called Lavelle...But instead of actually describing to you guys how beautiful this location was, I am going to post photos. The cool breeze... Continue Reading →

Montreal Trip

I know it's a bit past over due but I finally have time to write my trip to Montreal. It was the last weekend my girls were able to get together and party. Taisa is headed to Sochi for a month and Andrea is headed to Ireland/Iceland the week after. So let's start... Let me... Continue Reading →

New York Trip

I recently just came back from New York trip this weekend. I was only there for a couple of days (July 7th-10th to be exact). It was a crazy experience, everything was go-go-go!! Although it was the city where everyone was too busy to look up at the stars and appreciate nature, it was amazing... Continue Reading →

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